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​Healing Tarot

 "Healing Tarot" is a unique and comprehensive reading to see yourself in an objective way.  As the cards connect with your inner wisdom, its guidance is very personal and powerful..


My Tarot teacher in UK has created a very unique system.

Instead of one card in one position, she uses one major arcana card and one minor arcana card for each position and we use all major arcana for one full reading. This makes the meaning very specific and logical. There is no space for story making so that the reader's bias does not disturbs or psychic power needed!

All I do is to ask people to shuffle the cards (unless distant reading), I spread as its order and just read accordingly. All cards connects up with their life and shows their spiritual map of where they are. Who could make these pairs in these perfect position to tell one's life? If one shuffled one more time, all completely different... but why so perfect!?

And this is why I love my reading.  I gain complete faith in this beautiful work.

Nobody can give you precise advice like Healing Tarot could do, because my message is coming from within.

There are few clients I do regular reading once in a while ever since I started reading.  I could confirm that each person has unique spiritual map and once something achieved, people move onto a new stage. If people stay in the position, message would stay the same, or get stronger.

For this reason I do not do repeat reading within 6months unless much happened during that time. I know that the message does not change.

For healing, I become a pipe to connect to the energies the clients need. For Tarot, clients connects to their inner wisdom via cards. All I do is to interpret cards as honestly as possible and letting clients know the key messages which are often repeated in the reading from many directions.

*A couple reading is also available. In this way, you see each other's unspoken words which often helps to understand each other and move the relationship one step ahead.

You can bring your partner with you, or go ahead of your own reading to share with your partner.

All there!!! your life is truly in your hands.










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