​Quick guidance on Sessions 

Spiritual Healing/Yoga Counselling

Hands on or off healing on massage chair.

Healer connects to their energy source and channels it through to the client. This session will help activate ones self healing ability. Chakra psychology is used to detect the imbalance for a person to work on. For more detail information, click here.

Healing Tarot​

Using 44 cards or more in one full reading. They show many aspects of a persons life and will also indicate the potential future which could be shifted. You will be shown the potential within.

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I believe that self healing ability can be disturbed by sleeping under particular geopathic stress such as underground waterlines or electromagnetic fields.

These external disturbance may also cause some illness by not resting well during sleep. 

There are other kind of energy disturbances such as psychic energy. By clearing and purifying the energy self healing can be achieved fully.

I do map and distant readings and shifting or clearing energies if needed. 

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I would  like to introduce Yoga to release the habit of holding tensions in the body, so that we could find more space to grow and expand our "limitation" both in mind and our body.

With simple technique, asanas becomes the tool to connect oneself to a deeper level and receive energy. My Yoga session always include some guided  meditation for self healing.   

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